Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Oversees China's financial sector was the only "old" in one hundred and with its success in global systemically important Banks, bank of China (HK: quote) (SS: quote) chairman took nearly 10 years of record that is about to go to new mission - the China securities regulatory commission.
Reported in bank of China, on Sunday night, according to the national financial work needs, Mr,replica oakleys. Xiao has been sent to the bank's board resigned, request resigned as chairman, his resignation will take effect since Sunday. And domestic media reported on Monday, the China securities regulatory commission has cadres meeting on Sunday announced the decision, xiao guo shuqing, served as chairman of the China securities regulatory commission.
Guo shuqing, chairman of the China securities regulatory commission (CSRC) former reform, serving 18 months in the ipo system reform, a crackdown on insider trading, standardize information disclosure of listed companies and multivariate innovation encourage brokers, and other fields, the New Deal introduced in succession. At present most of the New Deal at the stage of implementation, the policy effect and has not been fully revealed. This for Mr. Xiao as securities supervision power, how to shot is in the midst of the great transformation period of domestic capital market, will undoubtedly is a major challenge.
On the 18th national committee of the communist party of China held in last November, 54, xiao's big four state Banks only to the deputy from leaders in the central committee, this let xiao widely attention. But in the end he positioning, chairman of the China securities regulatory commission, or let some in the industry has some accident.
"Didn't think he'll pick up the China securities regulatory commission, to be honest, I also don't know about him, he is in the bank before circle turn around." A brokerage executives said.
And he said, now everybody's most care about, just began the reform of the securities industry will continue,cheap oakleys, the new President took office whether there will be a new idea.
Another brokerage executives noted that Mr. Xiao has rich experience in banking management, risk prevention awareness is higher. Last year, regulators significantly loosen brokerage business innovation, diversification of asset management, asset securitization, etc, for example, Mr Xiao after he takes office may in brokerage risk prevention of trust business, a little bit more.
Mr. Xiao in recent years, often in the media published a signed article, expounded his thought of banking and insights, including stirred the market hot he financial products of bank funds pool the theory of "ponzi scheme". He thought at the time,fake oakleys, those issued by the bank capital pool class financial product, mismatch due to time limit,replica oakley sunglasses, the new claims "old" to satisfy the due payment, is essentially a "ponzi scheme".

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