Thursday, March 21, 2013

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North Korea's elite still can easily to buy the latest camera from China, flat-screen televisions and other consumer goods, the UN's sanctions does not seem to affect them to enjoy life.
Near the north Korean embassy in Beijing, sales of electrical appliances, such as perfume shop is still a thriving business, waiting for boarding to Pyongyang north koreans often carry goods such as refrigerators, washing machines.
What is certain is that the new United Nations sanctions prohibits exporting luxury goods to north Korea, but does not specifically prohibit to the export of such goods. But the upper north koreans on purchasing activities in Beijing, according to their life was not affected by the presence of sanctions.
"Customers can choose and buy here kitchen home appliance, we can also shipped directly to north Korea," Korean embassy in China at the back of the store Cao Xing shopkeeper said. "There is no problem,cheap oakley sunglasses."
According to Chinese customs data, China to north Korea last year exported $77.5 million worth of pearls, precious stones, precious metals and precious metal COINS. Also exports a $266.9 million TV and audio equipment,fake oakley sunglasses, more than 2007,replica oakley sunglasses, exports increased more than twice.
China's general administration of customs told Reuters seeking comment fax did not respond. The Chinese government has expressed hope that the latest implementation of United Nations sanctions.
On a recent Saturday, the capital airport in Beijing can see in the north Korean airlines check in counter of north koreans are carrying the new objects such as refrigerators, dry cleaners, and a big TV.
"North koreans by plane, it carries a lot of, a lot of consumer goods," often ngos Choson Exchange between Beijing and Pyongyang, executive director of the Andray Abrahamian said. "As you can see there are a lot of flat screen TV."
Visitors to Pyongyang,fake oakley sunglasses, says the rich in north Korea are very easy to get the valuable goods.
"North Korea street, of course, there are a lot of BMW and Mercedes," Australia is an associate professor of history at Lone Stewart said. He often traveled to Pyongyang to students in English class. He common to the precious commodity is wine, especially the chivas regal 12 years. (

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