Tuesday, March 19, 2013

fake oakley sunglasses to help the economy against threat of recession.

The new chief executive this week the bank of Japan have against deflation, the bank of England may be to promote economic growth of new responsibilities, and the federal reserve (fed) could carry bond buying program.
The three events can reflect the risk situation of the global economy. At present the global economy is recovering, but the distance is still a far cry from what is strong.
The United States and most European regional unemployment rate remains high,fake oakley sunglasses, the economic growth rate in many countries is far lower than the pre-crisis levels. As a result, inflation is very gentle.
In addition, many indebted countries are unable to respond to rising borrowing costs. International economists Joachim Fels of Morgan Stanley's chief said that central Banks will take the necessary measures to suppress the bond yields,fake oakley sunglasses.
"Despite the economy showed signs of increase, but we think that won't end central Banks are easing,",cheap oakley sunglasses; said Fels, "now don't worry about the central bank out of negative real interest rates and quantitative easing policy in advance, at least don't worry about this year."
Supportive monetary policy Fels is expected in 2013 at the start of the main causes of the global economy will walk out of the dark.
"This season and next quarter GDP growth below trend. But in the second half of this year, we believe will usher in a bright," he said.
The bank of Japan has once again become the focus of * * * *
If Mr Kuroda deliver on the promises of curb Japanese deflation situation for a long time, so the bank of Japan will once again be global reflationary (reflation, an important driving force. Mr Kuroda will officially took office central bankers on Wednesday.
Said Fels, if because of the bank of Japan's aggressive easing policy leads to the yen weakness, cause other countries currency appreciation, then the other central Banks will find it necessary to maintain loose policy.
Macquarie,cheap oakley sunglasses, a strategist at Daniel McCormack said, even the European central bank may also faces some pressure to do more.
The bank of England also will have a similar leadership shuffle.
Chancellor of the exchequer, Mr Will submit the annual budget plan on Wednesday, when the material will be a comprehensive review is the task of the bank focuses on fighting inflation, or may directly make changes to this.
Due to determined to implement austerity measures, Mr Almost have no modify tax or spending plans, so may seek to expand the size of the bank of England to further ease monetary policy, to help the economy against threat of recession.
This will bring the new President of the bank of England carney will pave the way to office in July. But she doubt Mr Carney and can agree on action.
, "he said when he took office, you will find will be dazzling in the monetary policy actions. Effectiveness and efficiency of carney will depend on whether he can turn the UK economy within five years in office. So he will try my best."
McCormack said the United States, China and perhaps Germany's economy builds momentum and central Banks to take stimulus, year stock market will become a bright spot.

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