Thursday, March 21, 2013

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China's state grid will split, grid's power equipment company's share price has caused by once. But sources close to the regulator told Reuters on Thursday, China's power reform is still no mature scheme, the state grid in two years is difficult to break up.
Recently with Chinese local media reports, a new round of the direction of marketization of electric power system reform, state grid may be split into five, this topic has become the focus of the industry.
"Competent power leadership are not sure, energy administration need to put inside, talk about electric power reform, but at present the reform of the electricity is still no consensus." A person close to the regulator told Reuters.
This personage explains, the national energy bureau also have to wait to complete before end of June fastest "responsibilities, internal institutions and staffing" armed plan, need to the rights of the original energy bureau and electricity bureau integrate smooth, will involve the local energy administration.
According to the National People's Congress has just passed by the agency under the state council reform and function transformation plan, the state council will now the national energy administration, electricity will be the responsibility of the integration, to form a new national energy administration. Has a 64 - year - old former Wu Xinxiong, chairman of the national regulator, served as deputy director of the national development and reform commission and national energy bureau.
Sources and, according to the reform of power grid is still the focus of the electricity price reform, and to clarify the cost of power grid, and simple physical resolution does not solve the fundamental problem, what's more, after 2005, the state grid has launched a nationwide of uhv power grid construction,cheap oakleys, and planning during the "twelfth five-year" form a "three vertical and three horizontal and one ring" of uhv power grid network frame, in order to realize the xd, north and south, east, mutual supply, the national network.
",fake oakleys;Uhv nationwide distribution formed checkerboard grid power grid, and to break the existing pattern of regional power grid, is now split state grid, it has become difficult to operate." A person close to the original electrical supervisor will say.
As the world's largest power grid company, state grid quantity sold 3.2539 trillion, 2012 revenue 1.8855 trillion yuan, net assets yield about 4.66%, the asset-liability ratio of 57,cheap oakleys.62%, ranked seventh in the world 500 strong.
For state grid will split five, outreach department unified national grid company reply, according to the national grid, not received any notice or message in this regard. "We learned from the national development and reform commission TiGaiSi, deepening the reform of economic system in 2013 of the state council opinions for advice, don't break up the reform of the national power grid content.",replica oakley sunglasses;

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