Friday, March 22, 2013

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Eu demands that Cyprus before raising on Monday for billions of euros of international aid money. If cannot get help, the country's financial system would collapse, led to its exit from the eurozone.
Cypriot government sought to impose capital controls power on Thursday, ready to one thousand has reached an agreement before the Banks to reopen the case,replica oakley sunglasses, to prevent capital outflows. This suggests that, at least in Cyprus to prepare for the worst,replica oakley sunglasses.
The European central bank (ECB) on the same day issued a stern warning to earlier, said will cease to provide liquidity to Banks of Cyprus, and an eu official told Reuters, made it clear that Cyprus has prepared for bankruptcy and was ejected from the euro zone, think to do so that can reduce the damage to the European economy as a whole.
At the European central bank (ECB) an ultimatum, Cyprus leaders still hold firmly to ",cheap oakleys;plan B", raise the eu 5.8 billion euros, in return for the European Union and international monetary fund (IMF) to provide 10 billion euros ($13 billion) in aid of gold. Angry lawmakers rejected a tax on deposits of Cyprus's bill, said the support of the eu is "bank robbery".
Euro zone officials conference call on Wednesday acknowledged the situation ",replica oakleys;a mess". Cyprus refused to attend the conference, showing the relationship between the parties and the tense situation of chaos.
On Thursday evening to discuss more later, euro zone finance ministers urged Cyprus come up with a new proposal. Dutch finance minister dsquared Bloch said, should comply with the new proposal for the determination of the "previous".
Cyprus council meeting the night, the government bill in seeking authorization to bank capital controls. Cyprus since five years ago to join the euro has never used this kind of measures.
The government also proposed "solidarity", the various national assets are bundled together, including future gas revenues, as the basis of emergency government bonds to fund. J.p. Morgan chase & co said in a report compares it to a "sale" state.
Cyprus parliament speaker the miro (Yiannakis Omirou), said the country's leaders didn't discuss a revised bank account tax proposal.

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