Thursday, March 21, 2013

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The federal reserve (FED/FED) on Wednesday to continue positive economic stimulus measures, although the economic situation has improved, it is pointed out that unemployment is still high, the government faced the negative financial factors and overseas risk is the reason for the decision.
Comes as European situation slip again, the fed doesn't seem to worry about a month to buy $85 billion of bonds may disrupt financial markets or creating asset bubbles.
The fed's policymaking committee in the improvement of domestic economic signals. But chairman Ben bernanke said that the job market and no major changes,cheap oakley sunglasses, and points out that the tight fiscal policy is that the fed has remained one of the reasons so positive stimulus.
Most federal reserve policymakers believe that buying us government bonds and mortgage-backed securities in down long-term borrowing costs, and "provides strong support for economic growth and job creation," bernanke told a news conference after the announced policy decisions.
He said: "most people agree, however, this policy tool can't completely alone offset economic main negative factors, such as fiscal tightening in the near term or global financial pressures rise significantly."
The fed in 2008 will be overnight interest rates to near zero, and buy more than $2.5 million of bonds to stimulate consumption, investment and employment.
The fed's efforts seem to have paid off, recent data showed that the economy is gaining strength. A stronger than expected retail sales, manufacturing output growth accelerated, in February the unemployment rate fell to 7,replica oakleys.9% from 7,fake oakley sunglasses.9% in January.
, bernanke said the fed is likely to rebound as the economy and the slowdown in the pace of asset purchases, but only in the job market show a few months after continuous improvement in order to do so.
Some fed officials worry that the buying is fuelling asset bubbles, future inflation or cause losses in the balance sheet in a few years later. But Mr Bernanke did not suggesting that these risks may restrict bond buying program soon.
"These cost control had yet, but need to continue to be monitored, we decide to buy scale, speed and portfolio of assets will be reasonable to put them into account," he said.
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