Tuesday, March 19, 2013

fake oakley sunglasses suggest that if the crisis erupted again

Is one of the biggest problems facing the financial markets, the ECB's bond buying program.
The European central bank vowed to prevent any speculative sold bonds of troubled euro-zone countries, in order to avoid the euro zone has the danger of collapse, according to the central bank itself will make moves to buy when necessary. But the European central bank has never been to,fake oakley sunglasses, let a person of considerable doubt when or if it is willing to hand.
Signs but now increasingly shows that the European central bank policymakers began to believe that their plans should be prepared at least on the road, rather than as a deterrent to move unnecessary.
Direct currency trades (OMT) plans to allow the European central bank intervention in the market when necessary, to buy the euro zone for a bail-out and accept austerity and reform conditions of the country's bonds.
The plan is not really used, has let the market stabilized.
Last year when the European central bank, according to the letter is ready for as soon as the plan on the road,cheap oakleys, there will be one to two months during actively intervene in the market.
But the Spanish did not apply for the bail-out, with prerequisite for the European central bank and therefore changed its stance, asked the government to be responsible for the crisis.
Now important policy makers about the comments of the plan, suggest that if the crisis erupted again, ready to intervene,fake oakley sunglasses, so that the government's borrowing costs remain at sustainable levels.
The European central bank (ECB) intervention or not, depends on whether the country subject to the conditions required by the European central bank to cut debt. Italy on February 24 to 25, general election, voters opposed to austerity measures, which could make Italy can't get the protection of the plan.
But the plan at least should be able to prevent contagion to elsewhere.
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The Dutch central bank President and the European central bank governing council member Knoll on Thursday showed its ready to use the program. Nott was one of the more hawkish members of the European central bank policy makers.
"I don't want to any specific situation speculated. But obviously if certain conditions are met, then the European central bank should start to prepare the plan," he said in a press conference.
Before this conversation, for both the European central bank policymakers - the European central bank chief cole and Cyprus central bank President terry and des moines, told Reuters suggests the possibility of small countries such as Ireland's intervention, rather than like the powers reserved for Spain.
But not everyone agrees that their position.
Belgium's central bank chief Mr Cohn (Luc Coene) in January,replica oakley sunglasses, said "like nuclear deterrent" bond buying program, ideally will be used is "never".
The only against OMT plan from the start, German bundesbank President jens weidmann, consistently oppose. He believes that the European central bank buying sovereign debt is a high risk approach, will cause a line of monetary policy and fiscal policy.
Weidmann views supported by Germany's hardliners. Before the European central bank executive board member juergen stark, OMT on behalf of outside entrust trading (out of mandate the transactions).

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