Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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The eurozone to Cyprus by bank depositors against politicians and bankers shock, their concerns about the euro zone had a panic will let investors and ordinary people.
On Friday after all night negotiations, euro zone finance ministers agreed on Saturday to the troubled Mediterranean island to provide 10 billion euros ($13 billion) bailout, and said that since so many of the country's debt is derived from banking, therefore must bear much of the department.
Euro zone finance ministers asked bank of Cyprus savers pay up to 10% of taxes, it can raise nearly 6 billion euros. Bailout before the condition and content vary wildly,fake oakley sunglasses, to concern all over the country and the wave of anger.
The European central bank had promised,cheap oakleys, if necessary, will be unlimited buying euro zone government bonds. This let the euro zone to keep calm in the past five months. But if investors doubt Cyprus mode or will repeat in the future any salvage operations, the calm is likely to be broken.
If not to rescue, Cyprus will default, which could break down by the European central bank up investor confidence.
Politicians and bankers and analysts said the tax on depositors or other euro zone countries would endanger Banks, even though the ministers insisted that this is just a special case, and Cyprus only accounted for 0.2% of the euro zone's economic output.
"This is an unprecedented act of extreme practices, we believe that will bring some panic to peripheral euro zone countries, we also can't rule out the possibility that part of the capital flight." Newedge Strategy of Annalisa Piazza said.
It said: "in the short term we expect periphery (yields) spreads will be affected by some, also don't rule out the possibility of the euro's decline."
This decision make cypriots scrambling to cash, most atms are emptied within a few hours. Most depositors since Saturday morning can no longer enter your bank account.
Euro zone policymakers said Cyprus will monitor for signs of capital flight, but didn't explain once this happens will be how to deal with.
"For us, Cyprus is closely related to the system as a whole. Even though the country's economy is small, but if the situation chaos, may damage an important progress in stabilizing the euro zone in 2012." The European central bank chief andreas muston said at the end of the euro group meeting.
Cyprus is a bank holiday on Monday, instant response will be limited. If approved by congress, the savings will tax imposed since Tuesday. More than 100000 euros in bank deposits will be taxed 9.9%, lower than this value will be 6.7%.
The tax proposal does not necessarily have to get through, but otherwise I'm afraid will lead to other consequences, such as default, such worries will let the parties attach great importance to tax proposal.
Cyprus, called an emergency meeting of parliament will be postponed to Monday, the President Nicos Anastasiades urged lawmakers to support a tax bill. In the 56 seats in the parliament, none of the parties to occupy an absolute majority, but there have been three party says it will not support the plan.
"Government support for up to 26 to 28, and may vote in 26 or so,",fake oakley sunglasses; said jp Morgan analyst Alex White. "Our best estimates indicate that vote could be very close, so the results,cheap oakleys."
In Cyprus outside the euro zone, there has been no public sign of panic, Banks and the authorities soon be placated.
Bank of CyprusBOC. CY and Laiki Bank on their English website, according to tax law does not involve overseas branch of Bank of Cyprus. Spain's central bank, said the country did not showed signs of capital flight.

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