Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Since China's reform and opening up the youngest prime minister li keqiang, formal, its emphasis on the reform, vows against corruption has become a new government, the most beautiful label, and maintain sustained economic growth to prevent inflation, control the potential risks, make fluctuation is the cornerstone of the Chinese economy is not big.
End on Sunday the 12th National People's Congress news conference after the meeting, li pointed out that reform should be a strong man DuanWan's determination to keep clean the incompatible with social justice rules; Human is the core of the urbanization and new urbanization, and clearly put forward the administration to complete three tasks and took three chapters to the government.
"Such a large China there are many things to solve, if major problems, I want to the first or the last development of the economy.",cheap oakley sunglasses; Can expect in the future, he said, China's economic environment is still grim and complex, want to in time of peace prepare for war, also want to stability, maintain sustained economic growth, to prevent inflation, control the potential risks, make big fluctuations in China's economy will not occur.
Besides how to insure the stable growth of China's economy, how to further improve people's livelihood, strengthen environmental protection, improve food hygiene safety, as well as the elimination of social injustice, and the government integrity questions, etc., are facing the new government the most realistic problem.
Li keqiang pointed out that to improve the livelihood of the people, strive to improve the urban and rural residents, especially low-income income, growing middle-income groups. Should guarantee the basic livelihood of the people, weaving a universal guarantee the basic livelihood of the people's safety net, including compulsory education, health care, pension, housing, etc., to gradually put the short board.
At the same time, to promote social justice. To build a innovative government, rely on reform and opening up the economy society full of vitality; Construction of clean and honest government, enhance the government credibility, executive force and efficiency; As well as the construction of government under the rule of law, the law in the holy place, no matter do anything, and nobody can't beyond the legal authority.
"To make people a better life, the government will austerity." Li also pointed to the administration took three chapters, with the simplicity of the government to the public. He asked that the administration,replica oakley sunglasses, governmental government building projects shall be built; Fiscal support personnel only reduction does not increase; Public reception, abroad, public vehicles only does not increase. The three central government should take the lead, do level 1 to level 1.
He mentioned, January and February this year, the central fiscal revenue growth was only 1.6%, can speculate that the future financial to keep high-speed growth of income situation is unlikely,cheap oakleys, but consumer spending is rigid, can't,cheap oakley sunglasses, can only increase, the need to cut government spending.
And just ended on Sunday the 12th National People's Congress conference by the Treasury report, no reaches as high as 509-17%. Also highlights people's congress to represent the deficit this year an increase of 400 billion yuan, 1.2 trillion yuan.

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