Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Cyprus parliament on Tuesday in an overwhelming majority votes in a tax on bank deposit as a condition of European aid, international aid to the country's efforts in chaos.
Cyprus parliament vote is a stunning setback for the euro zone, for the euro zone and at that time. Over the past three years, to ensure the eu bailout, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy's parliament accepted the unpopular austerity measures.
With hundreds of protesters outside parliament with the riot police confrontation, and Shouting the slogan of "they are suck our blood". Cyprus casts a ruling party abstained, other 36 members were unanimous vote against it. Such results to the Mediterranean island to finance to the verge of collapse.
Eu countries before the vote has said that unless the Cyprus, including small savers, depositors share the bailout costs, otherwise will not be able to issue 10 billion euros ($13 billion) aid loans. The European central bank also threatened to stop issuing emergency loan aid to the country's troubled Banks. Cypriot Banks are neighbouring Greece's financial crisis hit.
Protesters is not weakness, "this is a big decision for Cyprus," a 65 - year - old retiree crowd Andreas Miltiadou said. ",replica oakley sunglasses;Got to listen to the voice of the people."
Dutch finance minister and chairman of the eurogroup dsquared Bloch said, such a vote "regret", but if meet the bailout conditions, will continue to provide assistance. "Now the initiative in the hands of Cyprus," he said.
Said the euro zone's paymaster Germany, Cyprus can't blame anyone, can only themselves to blame. Germany could usher in a new election this year, for the salvage of the partners within the increasingly high cost.
"Cyprus for assistance,",oakley sunglasses sale; German finance minister Wolfgang schaeuble told ZDF television. Cyprus "and to get help, we need to have a credible plan to return to financial markets. From this perspective, Cyprus debt is too high."
The newly elected President Nicos Anastasiades will. (0700 GMT) on Wednesday to meet with leaders of the parties in order to find a way out.
Finance minister Michael Sarris Tuesday to Moscow for help, there is speculation that Russia could increase aid, because Russia's bank has a large deposit in Cyprus. After the Cypriot government, said the vote Anastasiades with Russian President vladimir putin calls the "productive and constructive".
European requirements Cyprus in weekend break after the eu's practice, the practice of a tax on bank account angered the people of Cyprus, they will mention of cash in the ATM machine and empty. This also unsettle financial markets.
Anastasiades also refused to depositors deposit more than 100000 euros, more than 10% of taxes, which means that the small account will also be taxed. But after small savers think accounts can be protected by the state.
Negotiations, another important issue is the individual and corporate deposit in the bank of Cyprus's high savings, mainly refers to Russia. Cyprus has become an important offshore financial service providers.
Finance minister Sarris denied in the form of SMS Reuters reports on he has resigned,replica oakley sunglasses. The report was disturb market that Serbia's lawmakers prepared to vote,replica oakleys.

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