Tuesday, March 19, 2013

fake oakley sunglasses the government may promote the following plan to reduce the corporate tax

Although clamor for the changing course is more and more big, the chancellor of the exchequer, Mr Liu in this week's budget austerity policies. Mr Bet on before the 2015 election,fake oakley sunglasses, the British economic growth will be back on track.
In Mr Budget statement on Wednesday that showed the biggest change might be the monetary policy - rather than tax and spending policies. There are signs that Mr Intends to adjust the inflation of the bank of England duty, again to stimulate the economy recession threat.
In 2010 Mr With bold promises of change, for the conservative party won the election, but since then, little economic growth and deficit reduction is slow, seriously undermined his popularity. Now Mr Was rated as the most unpopular in the past 20 years the chancellor of the exchequer.
Ipsos MORI poll this week shows that conservative voters approval rating at 27%, the lowest for a decade.
Mr Said on Sunday, there is no alternative to austerity and slow down the deficit reduction will make Britain may follow on Cyprus's. Cyprus has announced that a tax on bank accounts, to help for the international rescue financing.
Mr Told the BBC in an interview, ",fake oakley sunglasses;the British ultimately to be self-reliant,fake oakleys. We can't always think the way is to borrow more money to solve the problem."
British opposition labor party deficit-reduction hope to slow down. Party's Treasury spokesman Ed Balls on Sunday condemned the government's policy is "crazy farm economy."
Ball in an interview by the BBC. "they don't want to change the route is the only reason why, want to avoid political disgrace."
British prime minister David Cameron to support Mr. He said on March 7,oakley sunglasses sale, "this month's budget will stick to the previous line."
Media reported on Sunday, the government may promote the following plan to reduce the corporate tax, raise the individual income tax shall be exempted from the forehead, delay to raise fuel taxes, and improve their benefits, as well as the issue of 10 billion pounds of new-home construction guarantee.

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