Wednesday, March 20, 2013

discount oakley sunglasses higher than 47% in February.

Fund managers a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday, investors around the world to the United States and Japan's economy and enterprises looking forward to more confident, but expectations of China's economic growth in the worse.
At bank of America merrill lynch's monthly survey (BofA), a net 57% of investors are with stock, the highest in more than two years. The numerical display super match the gap and low position.
A net 14% with U.S,discount oakley sunglasses. stocks, as the highest since July. Fund managers with Japanese stocks are the highest since 2007.
The survey polled 254 people in the market, the management of its assets totaled $691 billion. Survey showed investors with lower net debt ratio of 53%, higher than 47% in February.
"Greatly increased optimism... corporate earnings outlook and abundant liquidity for investors also bullish on the region. Asset allocation tends to the United States and Japan,",replica oakley sunglasses; the European investment bank of America merrill lynch strategist John Bilton said in a briefing.
"Outlook on China's growth has fallen sharply. The crisis in Europe, for the first time since August 2012,cheap oakleys, as the biggest tail risk."
Cash slipped lower net match for the first time in two years. Fund managers average cash levels held steady at 3.8% for three consecutive months.
Liquidity conditions to promote the investor optimism. A net 60% rated liquidity conditions as positive reply, the highest since at least 2007 years.
China's growth is expected to reduce. This month, only a net 14% of fund managers expected China's economy improved,oakley sunglasses sale, is far less than from a net 60% in February, and the lowest since October, also creates the biggest monthly drop on record.
Many investors think that global economic growth has passed its primary stage reply net 65% thinks the global economy has come to middle or later period of the cycle

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