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Lin Yu juvenile into Albatron sects, excellent talent, pines and Taoist is very important oakley cheap sunglasses, not only the careful guidance, even great background slaying the dragon sword passed to cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses, I do not know is not in the juvenile who saw past cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses and admired the man's shadow. Lin Yu did never live up to the painstaking efforts of the pines and Taoist, a few short years, by virtue of their superior talent, as well as for the heart, including the one buried deep revenge belief of parents who the Daoxing actually leaps and bounds, the number of years has been a leader in the young generation of disciples. Just let cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses hard and then ground, but the practice eventually by time constraints, can not be too radical. At the moment the face of three black Evil followers the positive that Hercules who spent the next feijian aim air attack; headache that the bones of the dead sword, chi Senhan, in the manipulation of that Evil under, suddenly appears and disappears every block, chi hit cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses can not help but suck down a cold lump, shivers.

Standing behind false Shangguan policy sneer. This retreat at once could not stop the footsteps of the three men in black spirit rose, magic weapon Qi Lin scared Yu sweat rolling down, a series Back to effectively stood still can not. Suddenly, that mysterious bones of the xiphoid disappeared, Lin Yu is then blocked pledge the who spent Hercules, the sword slid the sidelines attack feijian, behold, foot pain, suddenly not stand. It was actually the bones of the sword do not know when burrow into the ground to sneak at once cheap oakley radar sunglasses right leg draw a large hole in the bloody down. Lin Yu screaming, slaying the dragon sword volley Zhanxia the, this Xianjia magic against the bones of the sword crackling micro-rang, the bones of the sword master suddenly fell out, hidden see that sword storm out of fine cracks. Evil with the bones of the sword, a spasm of panic, the bones of the dead sword quickly recovered to take a closer look.

"Bang bang loud, saw different light random flash, Sparks, I do not know where to burst out of the force, slaying the dragon sword life and turned down two pieces of magic, but the Lin Yu front is a black. In the moment of the flash of light, oakley sunglasses for cheap between the temporary absence, suddenly saw just standing in the distance false Shangguan policy out there in the front, grinning against his. Lin Yu alarmed, but not cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses react, the chest a terrible pain, a sharp the pole strength Zhizuan in instantly punctured cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses all body care True Law. The Lin Yu screaming loudly, fly out, Koupen blood the even cut Dragon Sword could get not hold the blade in mid-air somersault, the last brush bang down into the ground, just sweeping the Laoshen. Bi Guang circulation, gradually dim. Lin Yu temper has always been tenacious, looking down at his chest, was surprised to find a bloody, real wounds but only one size of a fingertip.

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