Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Ling spent four saw Master back, have stepped forward to greeting, vaguely uncomfortable. Ding yunyan barely smile, looked at Chamberlain, greeting: you are, ah, play first, cheap oakleys for sale to find Lin Fan. Having to leave. Chamberlain asked softly: Ding Shushu,fake oakley sunglasses, you're worried about a test tomorrow? Small yunyan footsteps meal, thought for a moment and then turned and looked at the Chamberlain asked: What do you think? Chamberlain to avoid his gaze, quiet tone, said: fake oakleys sunglasses of view, Ding Shushu may not accept. Ding dolomite: What do you think, but said nothing wrong. Chamberlain mouth-Yang, Qing Yin Lin Fan: Tomorrow should be a Dragon Valley Youngest competition, in terms of his age, even got the last one, should also be part of the normal. Ding dolomite shook his head: No, he must not be left behind, fake oakleys sunglasses expect him tomorrow first.

So, no wonder Ding Shushu worried. I heard every time a test, the days evil were Lihen Amamiya than oakleys sunglasses cheap Dragon Valley strong. This time you want to Lin Fan defeat all opponents, naturally a lot of pressure,cheap oakley holbrook sunglasses. Ding dolomite worried: a once-in-a-decade event, I hope that he will succeed, Dragon Valley win glory for the fake oakleys sunglasses. Chamberlain Qing Yin: countless decades have passed, why the hurry at this time. Ding yunyan do not quite understand, exclaimed: how can I help. I just returned from four brothers got the news tomorrow that the participants of the two factions, are said to have an outstanding person, Lin Fan, want to win it is very difficult ah. See him so dear to the game, but Chamberlain could not help frowned and asked: Lin Fan, if this got, what will happen to him? Ding dolomite blurted out: He got the first, will naturally become the pride of the Dragon Valley, get Guzhu attention will thrive.

According to Ding dolomite, Lin Fan, the first really worth about Qupin. Just only Chamberlain personal views, for the he is Lin Fan, he is not going to snatch it first, because he felt that a 10-year-old child, first what? See he did not speak, Ding yunyan asked: what to think? Chamberlain looked at him, take it lightly: fake oakleys for sale do not think that 10 years after winning the first would be more meaningful? Ding Yunyang surprised a moment, the muses: fake oakleys sunglasses is said Lin Fan's hidden strength,cheap oakley radar sunglasses, leave it to the next blockbuster. fake oakleys sunglasses Why have such thoughts? Chamberlain calm smiled, asked rhetorically: a 10-year-old child,oakley sunglasses for cheap, with some sixteen-year-old, and even larger older boy try to steal something, this gap in the middle of fake oakleys sunglasses consider you? Small dolomite silence, let Lin Fan-year-old and 17-year-old XU Jing than that insurmountable age difference, destined to a lot of things.

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