Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Standing outside the cave, Zhao Yuqing face feelings, and sigh: Five hundred years later, no return finally were owned share ancestors, but unfortunately it was too late,replica oakley sunglasses. The Fang Mengru look of guilt, whispered: Big Brother, penalty discount sunglasses oakley as oakleys for cheap will feel better. Zhao Yuqing shook his head: the catastrophe of the ice sheet has nothing to do with you, you do not have to blame yourself. Now oakleys for cheap to take a look at Lin Fan, his injuries should be a lot better,oakley cheap sunglasses. The Fang Mengru nodded slightly understand hidden meaning Zhao Yuqing, then, silently behind him. When looking to the cave. When Zhao Yuqing Fang Mengru in the hole, Ling spent first become aware that, hastened to greet the other person Meet the Shizu and five Shishu ancestors. Zhao Yuqing nodded slightly and asked: how Lin Fan? Ling flower arrangement: Huibing Shizu, Lin Fan brothers injury uneventfully, will later woke up. The Zhao Yuqing indifferent: That's good, he woke up oakleys for cheap have something to say and he said,oakleys cheap.

Fang Mengru looked at the hole, see Lin Fan, whole body red light flashes, ruddy not help but feel a little excited. 'm Meeting four brothers, that time what will be the scene? Soon, Lin Fan healing wake up to see Zhao Yuqing and Fang Mengru standing in the hole, quickly stepped forward to salute the asked: of Shizu five Shishu ancestors to this, do not know what orders? The Zhao Yuqing with smiles: Lin Fan, do you think oakleys cheap to why? Lin Fan, hesitated for a moment,replica oakley sunglasses, and quietly looked the Fang Mengru a, bow replied: the disciple feel, Shizu with five Shishu ancestors to four Shishu ancestors to. The Zhao Yuqing saw a junior sister apprentice, casually: Now that you know, then with oakleys for cheap to take a look at your Shishu ancestors. Lin Fan dare not disobey, should be a cry, then head to lead the way. With LINDA behind, Fang Mengru mood excited, can not help but ask: Lin Fan, to talk about his situation?

The time cheap oakleys sunglasses before age ...... blink of an eye is 10 years. New moon came around, Chamberlain held onto the body of the new moon, concern: how to injury matters? New moon looked at him, shook his head: Fortunately, no harm to the soul, the interest rate adjustment in a timely manner should soon be able to recover. Chamberlain was silent for a moment, nodded and said: you deep roots, this war does not matter, but a great benefit to you. Crescent surprised and bewildered glanced at him, then looked away, go light: oakleys for cheap, or wait for the next master could not keep up. Chamberlain should cry down with her floating in the air, it fell to Zhou Jie around. See the new moon down, Zhou Jie very excited and asked: new moon, you it does not matter, you Tamron nine variables is not Shizu taught you your training going? Crescent look dull and replied: Master Mo to worry about, the disciples injury is okay.

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