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Ghost Li Daxi, nodded, mouth and said: I would like to thank the old man on. Old nodded, hesitated for a moment, turned around and Hmong on around several Hmong soldiers said a few words, a few soldiers at the same time nod. Next Hmong old alone went to the Mid-Levels, the rest of the Hmong soldiers gather together slowly, eyes are watching the ghost Li two do not know is to monitor it! Or was ordered to be protected cheap oakley holbrook sunglasses. The other onlookers Hmong saw that old with two outsiders Jiliguala (discount sunglasses oakley ear, Turkey speech is like a mess of birds) that a pass, he commanded several soldiers live to see people, own body back to the mountain altar, sometimes talking, whispering. So many pairs of eyes watched ghost Li preoccupied, heart and thought, did not notice the other Hmong, white is still exposed to gentle smile, slowly watching around, attracted numerous or lust or jealousy or resentment eyes.

The body is also just around the corner, you want to jump like playing in the creek. Hmong altar, all built by the huge stones from the majestic tall with a trace of rough and unadorned. Took to the old from the trail, came before the altar, I saw in front of the altar is a platform, flat rectangular boulder bar paved, fairly flat. Platform behind the altar where. Two great pillars, tall erected in front of the altar, at first glance, is not afraid of feet high, and this stone pillars of the whole body can not see a trace of cracks, actually complete a single piece of stone carved, I really do not know the Hmong ancestors from where to find such a huge stone, and actually be able to oakley sunglasses discount handling and erected in front of the altar. Through two huge pillars is built with stones of the altar. Seven Mile Cave Hmong altar has always been quite a reputation in the southern border.

Old and went in, suddenly the light around dark. Surrounding temperature seems to be a lot lower than outside. That old is clearly a great identity, are very familiar with this sacred place where the hearts of the Hmong, also seen oakley discount sunglasses What hesitate, directly went to the depths of the altar, the road occasionally a Hmong shaman, the two sides also greet one another. If saw the ghost Li and white, presumably mostly able to guess the identity of the old man. Say hello allows Hmong shaman and other factors, in addition to the altar discount sunglasses oakley sorcerer, Hmong whole family patriarch. In the old continue to walk through the spacious channel, came to the altar of the deepest, largest room is the altar. The Shimen, hanging with the beast skeleton made of decoration, the surrounding cliffs above the painting around with bright red blood, this symbol of the piety of ancestor worship.

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