Sunday, June 3, 2012

Letterpress edition of Pride and Prejudice seeks f

Cory Doctorow at 6:00 pm Friday, May 25

James sez, "The Bowler Press is taking on printing a letterpress coach outlet, three-volume edition of Pride & Prejudice, and they are trying to fund the costs of getting the materials to do so with crowd sourcing. The link is to the IndieGoGo crowd funding site for the project, where folks can donate to the project and receive perks, such as hand-printed P&P bookmarks, or other letterpress ephemera that will be made during the project. The printer and binder have produced a video that explains the project and shows how the books will be printed letterpress (seeing the old press at work is neat) and bound by hand. It's a pretty geeky-cool (with a touch of crazy) project and could use the help of anyone who might like to help support it."

Pride and Prejudice: Limited in Letterpress (Thanks, James!)

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