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New at Kohls- Simply Vera Vera Wang Cosmetics

New at Kohls: Simply Vera Vera Wang Cosmetics


simply vera vera wang cosmetics

I wonder how many brides out there have made Vera Wang a part of their wedding experience. Hundreds of thousands? Maybe even millions?

Let’s see… There are her wedding dresses,louis vuitton handbags, perfumes, fine china, jewelry, apparel,coach factory online, accessories — wow, that’s a lot of Vera!

Just now, I remembered being a bridesmaid in Jen’s wedding and getting ready in the suite at the hotel on her wedding day. I remember a bottle of Vera Wang Perfume sitting on the bathroom sink that Jen’s mother-in-law had given her for her wedding day (how sweet!).

Oh, and then there’s Vera’s fine china,On the Road Again With the Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick, a Traveling Semi-Exclusive! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I have a not-so-secret obsession with fine china, thanks in part to Vera Wang’s Wedgwood Lace collection.

The first time I saw it was at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki, right before my wedding in 2006. I hosted tea there for all of the girls, and Vera Wang Wedgwood Lace was the china used in the tea service.

I’ve been lusting after it ever since…

Still haven’t gotten any because I’ve been wanting to finish the dining room first (at least get a table), but one day…

Mark my words — one day I will enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and serve myself a cup of tea on my very own set of Vera Wang Wedgwood Lace china!

With so many different projects and products, Vera could probably rest safely on her laurels. But she isn’t. As a matter of fact, she recently expanded her empire to include makeup, with Simply Vera Vera Cosmetics, introducing even more babes and brides to Vera’s simply modern, feminine aesthetic.

The line, available now exclusively at Kohl’s stores and, includes 16 different makeup products encompassing 74 shades, with prices ranging from about $16-40.

Inspired by Vera’s personal philosophy on makeup, the neutral-heavy palette feels fresh and modern to me, yet timeless and conservative.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pieces from the new line. Let me know what you think. :)

simply vera vera wang cosmetics blush
Illuminating Powder Blush in 315, $19.50

simply vera vera wang cosmetics eyeshadows
Transforming Shadow Duos in 402 (left) and 404 (right), $19.50 each

simply vera vera wang cosmetics lipsticks
Smoothing Lipcolors in 702 (left) and 709 (right),Cheap NFL Jerseys, $18.50 each

simply vera vera wang cosmetics gloss
Smooth Shine Lip Gloss in 806, $18.50

simply vera vera wang cosmetics swatches
Swatches from the left: Transforming Shadow Duo in 402, Transforming Shadow Duo in 404, Illuminating Powder Blush in 315,Gucci,Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, September 1,Cheap Jerseys, Smoothing Lipcolors in 702, Smoothing Lipcolors in 709 and Smooth Shine Lip Gloss in 806

simply vera vera wang cosmetics closed

simply vera vera wang cosmetics boxes

How about the packaging? Vera says she was aiming for sleek and modern, but I’m on the fence. I generally love minimalist packaging, but might be even too minimalist for me.

I do like the use of typography, however… I think that’s very cute. :)

As far as the pieces themselves, the eyeshadow duos seem particularly promising. Both 402 and 404 feel nice and buttery, and I was surprised by how much pigment they conveyed in the swatches.

I also swept a bit of the blush with the accompanying brush (looks like a throwaway accessory) to gauge the level of pigment.

It’s quite sheer…but could also be a godsend on days when I don’t have/want to spend a lot of time blending.

And for her lipsticks and glosses, Vera appears to have gone the unflavored route, also in line with the overall cautious theme of the collection. I do detect a light semblance of a scent, though, a light apple that I find very pleasant.

From what I’m seeing here, I think these pieces would be a good fit for gals who like neutral eyes with kick.

But what do you think? Do you dig the neutral palette? Or would you have preferred to see more brights?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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