Monday, August 20, 2012

Hautelinks- Week of 12-9-10

Hautelinks: Week of 12/9/10

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* Wanna take a mini vacation from the cold? H&M’s Spring 2011 Lookbook video will warm you right up!

* And what better way to warm up on a chilly winter day than with the 25 most romantic movie quotes of all time? Yes, The Notebook is on there.

* If you’re like me and STILL haven’t seen Black Swan (I know, I know!), Fashionista’s list of the best ballet-inspired editorials will help tide you over.

* Ever read Craiglist’s “Missed Connections” section? Well Coach Factory Online, a new website, Coach Handbags Sale, is like Missed Connections – except for college students. Post an anonymous note to your campus crush or just browse – either way, it’s fun!

* Fabsugar has some fab (ha) gift ideas for your wonderful mom!

* And while gift guides are fabulous, it can be even more fun (and inspiring) to read people’s wish lists, instead! I love this idea.

* These DIY gift toppers will help you make those presents even more beautiful.

* Okay, one last Holiday gift-related post! I loved The Glamouri’s list of gorgeous coffee table books.

* Have you checked out the new Facebook profiles yet? For once Coach factory outlet, this FB change seems pretty well-received.

* Need some more apartment decorating inspiration? I normally like all things clean & modern, but this Victorian-esque bedroom is so pretty! The best part? You can recreate it with stuff from IKEA. Genius.

* VenusZine lists the top 25 tweets of 2010 so you can relive the memories, and the hilarity, of the past year.

* Not gonna lie, it’s hard not to be obsessed with Chanel’s pre-fall 2011 collection. Drooooooolll.

* Umm, is this real life Gossip Girl?

* Have a vacation planned for winter break? Fabsugar shows you the best way to pack a carry-on suitcase. (Trust us: You can fit way more stuff in there than you think!)

* It may be from Men’s Health, but this list of health tricks to teach your body is just cool, no matter your gender.

* We all know how to make 8-pointed paper snowflakes, but these 5-pointed ones are even cooler – and they’re just as simple to make!

* This DIY Ornament Wreath is another cool holiday decoration that isn’t too expensive to do!

* I posted this on our Twitter yesterday, but in case you didn’t see it, check out the most Holiday-perfect ring of all time! I’m obsessed.

* If you’re not hungry right now, this recipe for white chocolate mousse with cocoa nib shortbread cookies will have you drooling in no time.

* Um, these amazing boots prove that Alexander Wang can pretty much do no wrong. Ever.

* A good way to assess your current closet situation: Would you buy it again?

* How to make fingerless gloves – such a cute DIY project louis vuitton handbags! (And they’d make great gifts, too.)

* My inner OCD Virgo loves this (plus louis vuitton online outlet, okay, it’s perfect for finals week): Things You Can Straighten or Organize in Five Minutes or Less.

* Lily Aldridge’s Hair > All Other Hair.

* I know the whole “recreating Lady Gaga as a Barbie” thing isn’t new, but EW barbie-fied a few of her newer outfits, including the meat dress!

* Okay, just to warn you, this is potentially offensive and curse word-ridden (but funny if you don’t take it seriously): If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses.

* Also funny, CF reader Nicole emailed me a humorous post she recently wrote: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Minutes.

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